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Comprehensive Guidance Through Municipal Processes

Arch Law Group has experience in diverse aspects of municipal law, offering extensive representation in critical areas.  We cover a wide spectrum of municipal concerns, including:

  • Real Estate Matters: Handling land acquisitions, conveyances, and related transactions 
  • Land Use Law: Experience in planning, zoning, affordable housing, inland wetlands, conservation, historic district commission, zoning enforcement, building code, and sanitation/health code matters
  • Tax Appeals and Foreclosures: Managing tax appeals, including summary tax foreclosures, municipal tax sales, and assignment of tax liens
  • Bidding, Contacts, and Collections: Skillful navigation of municipal bidding processes, contract negotiations, and collections matters
  • Charter Interpretation and Revision: Offering guidance on charter interpretation and revision needs
  • Freedom of Information Issues: Handling hearings, appeals, and complexities associated with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act

With our comprehensive knowledge and experience, Arch Law Group efficiently resolves multifaceted municipal challenges.