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Empowering Your Legacy through Tailored Services

Upon the death of an individual, his or her estate must be administered according to his or her wishes as they are laid out in a will and other documents. Often, an estate must go through the probate process, in which a court oversees the distribution of the individual’s assets as well as the payment of any debts.

The probate process is extremely complex and involves an extensive amount of paperwork. It is also possible for a dispute to arise during probate, including a family member or other party contesting the validity of the will. Our lawyers have years of experience helping individuals through the probate process, including handling probate litigation.

Our firm has significant experience with all aspects of estate planning and probate and trust administration. We can help with a variety of services in this area including charitable giving and personal and business planning.

Arch Law Group has extensive background and experience in helping individuals, families and fiduciaries with estate planning and probate matters.